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蜜结迦南 - 琪楠 - 奇楠 (Ky'Nam) (Kiara) (Qinan)

犀角沉 --「沉香」乃「沉水香」的簡稱,由於所結樹脂比水還重,入水即沉 ... 時堅硬如角,可能即是中國古籍中所謂的「犀角沉」


蜜结迦南 - 琪楠 - 奇楠 (Ky'Nam) (Kiara) (Qinan)

蜜结迦南 - 琪楠 - 奇楠 (Ky'Nam) (Kiara) (Qinan)

程登瀛日:奇南香,一作 伽罗 ,亦名伽楠,按'罗为 梵语' ,乃黑之义,即黑沉香之谓,故日本径以沉香伽罗。

(Agallochum بالشمع راتنج - العود الراتنج قمر).. 

Aquilaria crassna  Aquilaria sinensis 

Genuine KyNam QiNan Collections

Wodeyars are traditional Precious Woods, Precious Gems, Burmese Rice, Burmese Teak Merchants since 1799 to China Trade , Japan Trade and Middle East, 

Qing Dynasty Chinese Empire Coins.清代中国帝国硬币. Republican Era Chinese Coins. 民国时代的中国硬币

Soviet Republic of China 1929-1937 Coins.中国的1929至1937年硬币苏维埃共和国.

Part 2 - Qing Dynasty Chinese Empire Coins.清代中国帝国硬币. Republican Era Chinese Coins. 民国时代的中国硬币

1820-1950 Taiwan (Formosa) from Qing Empire, Imperial Japan Empire, to Republican China

1980 Scott#1586. T46 Gengshen of Monkey 猴子年 -中华人民共和国80x8fen - full sheet. MNH OG People’s Republic of China

1953 Queen Elizabeth II Coronation - British Empire and British Colonies Commemerration Coins and Stamp Issues

$1 American Eagle Silver Coin 1986-2017 with 2009 $1 Eagle Proof

1794 to 1803 U.S. Early Silver Dollars

1880 to 1934 British Trade Dollars

QING EMPIRE CHINA Tibet Rupees Minted in Szechuan & Yunnan

PROOF COINS P.R.O CHINA 1982 and 1983

1984 Olympics Los Angeles US$10 Gold Coins P, S.W mints

Chekiang Province Qing Empire 1886-1911 & Republican 1911-1949

QING China Empire, R.O.China Mint Rare Coin Dies -Retired

The 1st Roman Emperor who accept Christianity as his Religion



2015-2017 P.W.S Mints US Silver Eagle

招商 Wodeyars 1790 年至 1949 年在中國大陸雲南省普洱茶貿易

Chihli Province Qing Empire 1880-1911 & Republic China 1911-1949

Umayyad Caliphate, Coins & other Later Islamic Coins - Umayyad Caliphate, Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan Æ Fals

达莫 - 达马 Damo-Daruma タイガー歯磨きキララ- Tiger White Teeth Kiara 白色蜜结迦南 蜡 White Qinam Wax Wood Resin 白色琪楠 蜡 - 白色奇楠 蜡

 尺寸 (size): - 高22厘米 H 22 cm,     宽11厘米 W 11 cm,半径35厘米 Radius 35 cm,重量500克      Weight 500 Gram 

Holy Divine Aroma-Qinan -香气圣物 راتنجات العسل العود (قمر العود) Oud 膏貫溢則沉實,此為『沉水香』'奇楠沉香: 千年沉香'

 Kynam Qinan Oud Mubakhar Agarllocha -A single 41 metre tall x 21 metre diameter round Aquilaria crassna tree -3000 years carved into Furniture in 1812 

奇楠鑑識 御香堂編撰 - Calambac Resinous Purple Dark tinted Orange Qi Nan. (Purest Aquilaria Sweet Honey and Sweet Milk strong fragrance 1600 years old)

 Buddha carved in 1514 -1515 during Ming Dynasty, from Aquilaria sinensis Resin Semi-Petrified fossilized trunk core of approx 400 years of growth and felled to be buried in 38 feet depth of forest floor in Hainan Island mountains terrain forests. 佛陀期间明王朝刻在 1514 -1515。 Resin semi-petrified fossilized trunk core with perpetual eternal fragrance

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